Black Site: A Delta Force Novel

by Dalton Fury

Dalton Fury wasted no time after the publication of his New York Times bestselling novel KILL BIN LADEN, as BLACK SITE follows directly with his new series of Delta Force adventures. Kolt Raynor, the disgraced and troubled former Delta Force operative, takes his shot at redemption with his former colleagues. For the past three years, he has fallen from accepted military society into a chaotic life of part-time jobs, booze and self-destruction. 

"Dalton Fury’s book is masterful.... He illustrates the action scenes...with details that only a former Special Ops player could write."

Raynor is fresh on a security job with ex-Ranger Colonel Pete Grauer. As a security officer on board a Norwegian cargo freighter, he is unarmed when the ship is hijacked by Somali pirates. Raynor goes against orders and fights back against the pirates’ demands for ransom, which puts the ship and crew at risk. Insurance would have covered any loss, but his impetuous action allowed injury to the captain and damage to the ship. Grauer has no choice but to fire Raynor, who retreats to his filthy trailer and hits the booze.

The next five chapters backtrack to the operation that cost Raynor his career as a Delta Force operative. At 34, Major Kolt Raynor led his team of four deep along the mountainous trail between Pakistan and Afghanistan, tracked in the Unites States by a team of drone operators. Air Force Captain Pamela Archer led the Nevada ops. Her UAV would monitor Raynor’s “Racer’s” trek and survey their way forward, launching hellfire missiles if necessary. Eagle 01, led by Raynor’s friend, T.J. Trimble, waited in a safe house just inside Afghanistan. His mission was to fly rescue helicopters to Raynor’s aid if needed. Weather predictions indicated fog would slow down the Delta Force team.

In the meantime, Raynor was told to locate a safe spot to remain until weather cleared and a drone could be repaired. Intelligence had put the team in search of a Taliban stronghold just ahead, a haven for suicide-bomber training. If successful, armed UAVs would obliterate the enemy encampment. Raynor disliked the order to stand aside for an entire day and chose to forge ahead to a hiding place he preferred.  His decision was deadly. When the enemy attack came, his team was open prey: an ambush waiting for a kill. After a bloody battle, Raynor was extracted by helicopter and flown to safety. His three companions died, and the operation had gone horribly wrong. His would-be rescuers, Trimble’s team, had been shot down and were all presumed dead.

Raynor’s life becomes a living hell. But this hero isn’t quite finished.

Dalton Fury’s book is masterful. He illustrates the action scenes, first on the pirated cargo ship, then concerning the Taliban attack on Raynor’s Delta Force team, with details that only a former Special Ops player could write. The author’s personal experience in service makes his novel ring with reality. He brings together those involved in Raynor’s original fall from favor. The disgraced Delta captain still attracts those who admire his sheer grit, uncanny battle skills and tenacious ability to forge ahead to his objective. BLACK SITE covers the rescue details with authority, but leaves the reader with a tiny opening for the next novel in the series.

Reviewed by Judy Gigstad on March 22, 2012

Black Site: A Delta Force Novel
by Dalton Fury

  • Publication Date: September 25, 2012
  • Genres: Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Paperback: 528 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • ISBN-10: 1250014190
  • ISBN-13: 9781250014191