Karol Ladd

Karol Ladd is a gifted Bible teacher and a bestselling author. Her more than 20 releases include A WOMAN'S PASSIONATE PURSUIT OF GOD book and DVD, A WOMAN'S SECRET FOR CONFIDENT LIVING book and DVD, and THE POWER OF A POSITIVE WOMAN. She is a frequent guest on radio and television and regularly posts positive messages and videos on her website. Her most valued role is that of wife and mother.

Karol Ladd

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by Karol Ladd - Christian, Nonfiction

Karol Ladd welcomes women to the presence, character and love of God in this fresh, gathering of intimate devotions.One-page meditations with select Scriptures draw from the wisdom and hope of the Old and New Testaments to help readers discover how God’s promises unfold not only in His Word but also in their personal journeys.