Jeff Lucas

Author and speaker Jeff Lucas travels internationally in a ministry of Bible teaching which carries a specific vision to encourage and equip the church. Jeff is the author of 22 books, as well as a number of study guides, booklets and a DVD teaching series called "Life Journeys." Jeff’s books have been translated into French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and German. He writes a monthly column for Christianity Magazine. He broadcasts three weekly radio shows. Jeff and Kay live in Loveland, Colorado, where he holds a teaching post at Timberline Church, Fort Collins.

Jeff Lucas

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by Jeff Lucas - Christian, Nonfiction

In FAITH IN THE FOG, bestselling author and speaker Jeff Lucas uses the story of John 21 (Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish) to help believers make sense of faith when life is tough and we’re stuck in an emotional storm. This book searches for answers, without resorting to slogans or clichés --- and seeks to liberate with its honesty and vulnerability.