Snow Day

by Billy Coffey

Peter Boyd looks out the window at a snow-covered world and decides to take a snow day instead of going to work. By staying home, he can enjoy time with his wife and two young children. Even better, he can take a break from spending yet another day amidst the tension and worries about the “exciting announcement” that management said would be coming soon. Like his factory co-workers, Peter knows what that means…and it isn’t good. As sole supporter of his family, he is worn down from years of layoffs and management changes. But when God gives Peter a snow day, it comes with a host of unexpected blessings and lessons that change his outlook and, consequently, the course of his life.

Peter calls in “well” to work, then anticipates a day of family fun until his wife wakes up and asks him to run out for bread and milk. As with any list, this one multiplies before Peter makes it to his car. He heads for his small town’s Super Mart, unaware that a seemingly mundane trip down snowy roads will have him soul searching before the day is out.

Peter’s eye-opening, heartstrings adventure begins with the Superman costume he chooses as a Christmas gift for his three-year-old son. He realizes that he’d been hiding behind a façade, much like the costume, trying to appear strong and invincible when the prospect of losing his job actually fills him with fear.

“Standing there in the middle of Super Mart, I had an epiphany: I had to take off my costume, because I wasn’t Superman.

And I knew this as well: one day my son would have to make that same decision. But he would also discover that the God in heaven he prayed to at night was also inside of him. And that the God who lived in his heart could allow him to do some amazing things in his life.”

Moving along down the aisles, Peter meets an elderly couple and is baffled by their decision to put a battered and chipped clearance-shelf Santa in their cart. Their explanation serves to remind him that God loves us, scars and all, and sees the beauty inside each sinner.

After leaving the elderly couple, Peter spots a gentleman he’d seen in the parking lot. The man appears to be stalking the young son of underprivileged parents. Peter stalks the stalker, ready to save the day. But it’s the stranger who saves the day, and teaches Peter a lesson in giving hope --- sometimes in rather unconventional ways.

And so it goes as Peter encounters shoppers, the Super Mart cashier, an old friend and others who cross his path throughout the day. Even his young children play a role in turning a snow day into a day of self-discovery and introspection. And when the “exciting announcement” at work comes to pass, Peter is ready, clad in the armor of God and a fresh outlook on life.

Peter’s character is certainly relatable. He has tried to rely on his own strength to face the struggles in his life, often forgetting there is One with far greater power than him --- Someone who loves him unconditionally and wants to give him “hope and a future.” He has been trying to hide his fears and insecurities, while also placing too much emphasis on society’s priorities rather than God’s.

First-time author Billy Coffey offers up a light-hearted look at some very heavy topics. His writing style is easygoing and enjoyable, filled with good imagery and likable characters. However, SNOW DAY is also quite preachy and often predictable, which may cause some readers to put it down before even reaching the middle.

Reviewed by Susan Miura on October 11, 2010

Snow Day
by Billy Coffey

  • Publication Date: October 11, 2010
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Hardcover: 208 pages
  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • ISBN-10: 0446568260
  • ISBN-13: 9780446568265