About the Book

The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance

by Ron Willingham

Few stories can please a crowd quite like a classic tale of someone’s ascent from rags to riches. The achievement of prosperity is at the heart of the American dream. But, for most people, the promise of wealth is more like a mirage --- a possibility that is always a short distance beyond their grasp. In his new book, THE TEN LAWS OF WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE, author Ron Willingham shares some great news: No matter what hand life has dealt you, you have the power to determine your financial freedom!

THE TEN LAWS OF WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE is a truly surprising endeavor. Eschewing the traditional form for a self-help or financial advice book, Ron’s life principles are shared through the fictional account of Andrew Baldwin, a young clerk of humble means who befriends Benjamin Franklin. As Franklin takes young Andrew under his wing, he begins to share the ten timeless laws that, when observed, will allow anyone who is willing the chance to improve their financial situation. The reader is privileged to eavesdrop on these conversations, bearing witness to the great improvements in Andrew’s situation as he begins to apply his newfound knowledge.

Though the story is fictional, many of Ben Franklin’s famous quotes are woven throughout. “I’ve always been a fan of Ben Franklin, so to speak,” Ron recalls. “About forty years ago I read his autobiography. When I finished it, I began doing some things differently in my own life. I’ve always loved the clever sayings from POOR RICHARD'S ALMANAC, and I think most people who know anything about American history would recognize the wisdom and ingenuity of Old Ben. Who better to serve as the mouthpiece to convey these wise, life-sculpting ideas?”

Ron has the best credential for writing this kind of advice book --- a success story. Over forty years ago he was the cash-strapped novice, starting his own company with nothing but debt. Integrity Systems, his international training and development company, inspired the confidence of such prestigious clients as IBM, Johnson & Johnson and The American Red Cross. Ron recently sold that company for several million dollars. His faithful adherence to these simple principles has put him in the perfect position to practice his favorite law of wealth and abundance: increase your wealth by sharing it.

THE TEN LAWS OF WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE encourages more than the mere accumulation of material wealth. As Andrew discovers, real abundance is accompanied by the building of character. This book is a fun and inspirational read that puts practical tools in the hands of those who are ready to pursue a better future. Ron has also designed a package of supplemental materials that will assist readers to translate the ten laws into real money in their pockets. THE TEN LAWS OF WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE ACTION KIT includes additional booklets, encouraging personal messages from Ron on two CDs and motivational posters that will reinforce the life-changing challenges issued in the book.

The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance
by Ron Willingham

  • Publication Date: September 4, 2007
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Hardcover: 159 pages
  • Publisher: LifeScript Learning, LLC
  • ISBN-10: 0979706106
  • ISBN-13: 9780979706103