About the Book

A Book of Simple Prayers

by Gloria Gaither

Gloria Gaither has served as the muse for several generations of Gospel Music lovers. Her words were inspired by her own vibrant walk with God, and they seem to grow even sweeter with the passage of time. Today, several decades after penning the lyrics to her first spiritual song, she and her husband, along with many fellow musicians and friends, continue to play to sellout crowds on their Gaither Homecoming tours. In her new work, A BOOK OF SIMPLE PRAYERS (Regal, July 2008), Gaither presents readers with an unexpected treat --- the chance to read over her shoulder as she pours out her heart in prayer.

The book is appealing on many levels, not the least of which is the spontaneity with which it was created. “I never started out to write prayers. But there was a span of time when prayers came whenever I began to write,” Gaither recalls. “I could not begin whatever project was before me until I cleared my mind of the prayer that was tumbling from my heart onto the page.” This torrent of prayers eventually filled several notebooks, and Gaither was in no hurry to share them with anyone else.

“At first, I treasured these prayers and kept them hidden, reading them sometimes in my most private times. I thought my journey was unique and much too personal to reveal to anyone else,” Gaither says. “But as the months and now years have passed, I am coming to know that my story is not unique. It is not even my own, but a story within a larger story. As readers look at these, the snapshots of my story unfolding over the course of a year or two, I hope they catch a glimpse of the Author behind it all.”

To countless fans of the Gaither Homecoming events, Gloria Gaither is, in a sense, a cherished friend. A BOOK OF SIMPLE PRAYERS gives these readers a glimpse into the private, most meaningful area of her life. As they examine her personal contemplations, Gaither is convinced that readers will feel a kinship and connection to their own experiences in life and faith.

A BOOK OF SIMPLE PRAYERS will be embraced by anyone who looks for communion with God in the everyday moments of life --- whether they are upbeat, disheartening, joyful, or sad. Readers from all walks of life will appreciate the moments of honesty and introspection (i.e., Today, I don’t know what to say to You, written after the tragic death of a friend’s young son). Filled with profound questions and beautifully stated truths, this book is the perfect addition to anyone who prays or wants to learn how to pray.

For many people, prayer can sometimes feel like an awkward, forced exercise, one they are “not spiritual enough” to do well. Gaither’s prayers, though obviously articulated with the voice of a gifted poet, serve as practical examples of how we can simply talk to God about the everyday stuff of life. The book includes prayers of thanksgiving for her husband, family, and the beauty of creation and prayers of intercession for others --- friends, family, and even perfect strangers that she saw on the news. She asks God to ease her sleepless nights, to protect her young grandson as he begins school, to bless a family vacation, and to guide a nation that has lost its way. As they follow Gaither’s lead, readers will be encouraged to begin their own conversations with God.

A BOOK OF SIMPLE PRAYERS © Copyright 2011 by Gloria Gaither. Reprinted with permission by Regal Books. All rights reserved.

A Book of Simple Prayers
by Gloria Gaither

  • Publication Date: July 1, 2008
  • Genres: Christian
  • Hardcover: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Discovery House
  • ISBN-10: 0830746862
  • ISBN-13: 9780830746866