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What Bothers Me Most About Christianity: Honest Reflections from an Open-Minded Christ Follower

by Ed Gungor

If you were to ask an atheist or skeptic what bothers him most about Christianity, chances are that person would have a list of issues to discuss. But what would happen if you were to pose that same question to a Christian --- or, better yet, an evangelical pastor? The answer might surprise you.

In WHAT BOTHERS ME MOST ABOUT CHRISTIANITY, Pastor Ed Gungor owns up to the valid criticism that affronts Christianity. Gungor is the author of the New York Times bestseller THERE IS MORE TO THE SECRET and is recognized as an expert on issues of faith and popular culture. A regular guest on Moody Broadcasting’s “Primetime America” radio show, his popular blogs are found on ChristianPost.com. With his trademark wit and refreshing honesty, Gungor explores the aspects of Christianity that trouble not only the opponents of faith but dedicated believers as well.

“Those who embrace Christ love Christianity, but some parts of faith still don’t sit well. Not everyone is willing to admit this. Some claim they never experience tension or doubt --- that their faith is always an ecstatic, absolute, unwavering “knowing” that bubbles inside them at all times, forever effervescent and never encroached upon by doubt. But I don’t believe them,” Gungor states. “Faith has already won the day in my soul. But still, some areas of faith throw me off. They disturb me; they disturb lots of people. In WHAT BOTHERS ME MOST ABOUT CHRISTIANITY, I extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to explore these areas with me.”

In recent years, atheist authors like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have begun to flood the market with books attempting to dismantle religious faith. Gungor’s contribution to this discussion is thoughtful, reasonable and respectful. WHAT BOTHERS ME MOST ABOUT CHRISTIANITY is essential reading for anyone --- believer and skeptic alike --- who struggles to understand or accept:

Gungor maintains that having faith is not intellectual suicide and that mystery is an essential quality of the Christian belief. WHAT BOTHERS ME MOST ABOUT CHRISTIANITY opens up the forum for amicable discussion between thinking people on both sides of the debate, from aggressive atheists to unswerving Christian believers. Gungor maintains that balancing faith and reason is, indeed, possible and that devoted Christ followers need not shy away from asking the tough questions.

“If we aren’t honest about the tensions in faith, problems emerge. Critical thinkers observe Christians and dismiss the claims of Christ, and some Christ followers end up living more in the land of fake than the land of faith,” Gungor reflects. As he guides readers through these fundamental issues, they will find that their honest wrestling will actually bring them to a deeper, more mature understanding of faith.

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WHAT BOTHERS ME MOST ABOUT CHRISTIANITY: Honest Reflections from an Open-Minded Christ Follower © Copyright 2011 by Ed Gungor. Reprinted with permission by Howard Books. All rights reserved.

What Bothers Me Most About Christianity: Honest Reflections from an Open-Minded Christ Follower
by Ed Gungor

  • Publication Date: June 2, 2009
  • Genres: Christian, Christian Living
  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Howard Books
  • ISBN-10: 1416592555
  • ISBN-13: 9781416592556