Brian D. McLaren

Brian D. McLaren is an author, speaker, activist and public theologian. He is a popular conference speaker and a frequent guest lecturer for denominational and ecumenical leadership gatherings in the U.S. and internationally, and is Theologian-in-Residence at Life in the Trinity Ministry. Brian's writing spans over a dozen books, including his acclaimed WHY DID JESUS, MOSES, THE BUDDHA, AND MOHAMMED CROSS THE ROAD, A New Kind of Christian trilogy, A GENEROUS ORTHODOXY and NAKED SPIRITUALITY.

Brian D. McLaren

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by Brian D. McLaren - Christian, Nonfiction

Brian McLaren's latest book offers everything you need to explore what a difference an honest, living, growing faith can make in our world today. It also puts tools in your hands to create a life-changing learning community in any home, restaurant, or other welcoming space. The 52 (plus a few) weekly readings each can be read aloud in 10-12 minutes, and offer a simple curriculum of insightful reflections and transformative practices.