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Irene Hannon is the bestselling author of more than 45 novels, including THAT CERTAIN SUMMER, ONE PERFECT SPRING, and the Heroes of Quantico, Guardians of Justice and Private Justice series. Her books have been honored with two coveted RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America, a Carol Award, three HOLT Medallions, a Daphne du Maurier Award, two Reviewers' Choice Awards from RT Book Reviews magazine, a Retailers' Choice Award, a Booksellers' Best Award, and a National Readers' Choice Award. In addition, she is a two-time Christy Award finalist, and Booklist included one of her novels in its "Top 10 Inspirational Fiction" list for 2011. She lives in Missouri.

Irene Hannon

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by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Family, Romance

Tracy Campbell never wanted to leave Hope Harbor, Oregon, or the idyllic three-generation cranberry farm where she grew up. But when tragedy strikes and changes her plans yet again, she finds herself back in her hometown with a floundering farm to run and a heartbreaking secret. Romance is not on her agenda. But when Tracy recruits MIchael Hunter to help save a struggling charitable organization, the winds of change begin to sweep through Hope Harbor, bringing healing, hope, and love to countless lives --- including their own.

by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense

After years as a Chicago homicide detective, Lisa Grant is ready for the kinder, gentler life of a small-town police chief. But the discovery of a human skeleton by a construction crew at the edge of town taxes department resources. Enter ex-Navy SEAL Mac McGregor, the detective sent by the county to assist on the case. As they work to solve the mystery behind the unmarked grave, danger begins to shadow them. Someone doesn't want this dead person telling any tales --- and will stop at nothing to make certain a life-shattering secret stays buried.

by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

For three years, Kate Marshall has been mourning the loss of her husband and four-year-old son in a boating accident. But when she spots a familiar-looking child on a mall escalator, she's convinced it's her son. With police skeptical of her story, she turns to private investigator Connor Sullivan for help. As the former Secret Service agent digs into the case, the boating "accident" begins to look increasingly suspicious. But if Kate's son is alive, someone is intent on keeping him hidden --- and may go to lethal lengths to protect a sinister secret.

by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Independent single mom Claire Summers is doing her best to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her. Workaholic Keith Watson is interested only in the bottom line --- until a letter from Claire's 11-year-old daughter reaches his desk and changes everything. Irene Hannon offers readers this tenderhearted story of family connections that demonstrates how life is like lilacs --- the biggest blooms often come only after the harshest winters.

by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Suspense

When Laura Griffith's 16-year-old sister disappears, leaving only a brief note behind, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to track down the runaway teen. That includes recruiting ATF agent turned private investigator James Devlin to help. But the deeper he and Laura dig, the more Dev begins to suspect that something sinister is at work in the girl's disappearance.

by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Karen has carried the burden of responsibility for her aging mother ever since her sister left town years ago. But Val has a secret to keep, and coming home has never been an option...until their mother suffers a stroke. Reunited in their hometown, Karen and Val must grapple with past mistakes as they care for their ailing mother. When two handsome men enter the picture, the summer takes on a surprising new dimension.

by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Suspense

VANISHED opens with a shadowy figure caught in the beam of reporter Moira Harrison’s headlights --- followed by a solid thump before she loses control and crashes into a tree. But when Moira regains consciousness, the victim is nowhere to be seen. The police say the disappearance never happened, but Moira can’t forget the look of sheer terror she saw on the person’s face in the instant it was caught in the glare of her headlights. Now her only hope of discovering the truth is a former police detective turned private eye --- and her own investigate skills.

by Irene Hannon - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Suspense

The police say her father's death was suicide, but Kelly Warren says it was murder --- and she has new evidence that she believes proves it. Detective Cole Taylor doesn't put much credence in her claim. But when Kelly ends up in the emergency room with a suspicious life-threatening medical condition, the incident strikes him as more than just coincidence. Digging deeper, he discovers she's linked to a long-ago crime. Is history repeating itself? And who wants Kelly silenced?

by Irene Hannon - Christian

After an accidental shooting during a tense standoff, FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Mark Sanders is sent to St. Louis to work as a field agent and get his bearings while the bad press settles. Just weeks away from returning to Quantico, Mark has a chance encounter with his first love, Emily Lawson. But their reunion is cut short by a sniper. Now Mark must find the shooter before he strikes again.