Dwight Alexander

Dwight Alexander’s highest goal is to make a difference in the life of every person he meets.  As an author, speaker, and businessman, he considers his greatest assets to be his family, his faith, and his positive attitude. Raised and educated in rural East Texas, he became a partner in the family-owned business. After twenty years of self-employment, Dwight pursued a sales and marketing career in which he continues to find great success. He has a unique background of experience and leadership in business, customer relations, civic and social organizations, and various church development and recovery programs.

Dwight is the author of the powerful new book, THROU THESE DOORS, which is a true, compelling story of a father’s faithand his trust in God.  The story begins on a beautiful summer day in July of 1999 when he received the news that his family had been in a horrible car accident.  The news was too much for a man to bear alone.  His wife, Tina, was killed instantly; his young sons, Grant and Collin, teetered on the brink of death in two separate hospitals.  In his darkest moment, Dwight knew he was not alone.  He trusted God’s presence and His purpose.  No matter how grim the situation, Dwight pressed on with indomitable optimism, determined that his sons would fully recover from their serious injuries and God would make his family whole again. 

While he confronted the daily challenges of Grant’s rehabilitation, God provided for Dwight in a way he had never expected.  Michelle Thompson, a family friend, understood his loss all too well.  A widowed mother of three, her husband, David, had been killed in a motorcycle accident the previous year.  As she contributed to Grant’s care, a surprising and beautiful romance began to bloom amidst the ashes of loss.  In September of 2001, Dwight and Michelle were married.  Dwight pursues his latest challenge—shepherding a blended family of five children, with characteristic enthusiasm and grace.  In the den of their family home hang three pictures: family portraits of the Dwight and Tina Alexander family, the David and Michelle Thompson family, and the new Dwight and Michelle Thompson/Alexander family.

As he shares his amazing story, Dwight’s purpose is to motivate others to face daily challenges, encouraging them to find the positive in every event of life.  Dwight enjoys sharing with almost any group, large or small. His experience has equipped him to encourage nurses, medical staff, special educators, youth, blended families, and grief recovery groups.  When away from work, Dwight enjoys raising purebred cattle on his ranch, traveling, and spending time with his wife, Michelle, and their children in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Dwight Alexander

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