Catherine O'Flynn

Catherine O'Flynn was born in Birmingham, England, in 1970, where she grew up in and around her parents' candy store. She has been a teacher, Web editor, and mystery customer --- and this, her first novel, draws on her experience of working in record stores. After spending several years in Barcelona, she now lives in Birmingham.

Catherine O'Flynn

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by Catherine O'Flynn - Fatherhood, Fiction, Literary Fiction

When Dermot arrives to visit his son Eamonn in Spain, he learns that Eamonn, only one of a handful of settlers in the half-finished ghost town of Lomaverde, is upside down in a dream that is slipping away. But Dermot finds something beautiful in Lomaverde’s decline --- something that is reminiscent of his childhood in Ireland. As the happenings in Lomaverde take a strange turn, father and son slowly begin to peel back their pasts, and they uncover a shocking secret at the heart of this ad hoc community.