J. M. Dematteis

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, J. M. DeMatteis was a professional musician and rock music journalist before entering the comic book field.  DeMatteis has written almost all of the major DC and Marvel icons—including memorable runs on Spider-Man (his classic "Kraven’s Last Hunt" was voted as the number one Spider-Man story of all time in a 2012 Comic Book Resources poll) and Justice League (winning DeMatteis and his collaborators, Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire, comics’ highest honor, the Eisner Award); but his greatest acclaim has come for sophisticated original graphic novels like SEEKERS INTO THE MYSTERY, BLOOD: A Tale, THE LAST ONE, and MERCY. The autobiographical BROOKLYN DREAMS was picked by the ALA as one of the Ten Best Graphic Novels and Booklist, in a starred review, called it “as graphically distinguished and creatively novelistic a graphic novel as has ever been...a classic of the form.” The groundbreaking MOONSHADOW was chosen (along with BROOKLYN DREAMS, BLOOD and other DeMatteis works) for inclusion in Gene Kanenberg, Jr’s 2008 book 500 ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS --- where it was hailed as one of the finest fantasy graphic novels ever created.

J. M. Dematteis

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by J. M. Dematteis and Paul Johnson - Graphic Novel

To observers, a 54-year-old stroke victim lies silent and immobile. But in his mind, he drifts through time and space to witness a god-like figure's transformative influence on people haunted by hatred and despair: a unhappy family in London, a terrified Indian boy in a South American jungle, and a lonely old woman in Brooklyn.