Andrew M. Greeley

Priest, sociologist, author and journalist Father Andrew M. Greeley built an international assemblage of devout fans over a career spanning five decades. His books include the Bishop Blackie Ryan novels, the Nuala Anne McGrail novels, and THE CARDINAL VIRTUES. He was the author of over 50 bestselling novels and more than 100 works of nonfiction, and his writing has been translated into 12 languages. Born in 1928, he died in May 2013 at the age of 85.

Andrew M. Greeley

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by Andrew M. Greeley - Fiction

Lifelong friends and occasional rivals, Kevin Brennan and Patrick Donahue enter seminary together, but their lives soon diverge dramatically. Intellectual and independent, Kevin achieves success as a scholar but often finds himself at odds with his superiors in the Church. And his unwavering principles threaten to cut him off from those closest to him --- including the former sweetheart he has never forgotten. By contrast, the ambitious Patrick rises steadily through the Church hierarchy, only to fall prey to the temptations of lust and power. As hidden scandals and Patrick’s inner demons threaten to destroy the lives of everyone around him, it’s up to his oldest friend to save him from himself --- and foil a conspiracy that could change the very future of the Papacy!