Charles Brokaw

Charles Brokaw is a pseudonym for an author, academic, and college educator living in the Midwest.  He’s had a rich and varied life, and is fascinated by history, human accomplishment, and archeology.  He began the book THE ATLANTIS CODE after seeing an article in a scholarly journal.  The piece featured a satellite photo, and pointed out ruins visible in Spain which matched closely the description of Atlantis relayed in the writings of Plato.  Because the ruins were located in a famous national park, he was certain they would never be explored.  That got him thinking about just what treasures are buried beneath the earth.  The result was THE ATLANTIS CODE.  The book is the author’s first published adventure thriller.

Charles Brokaw

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by Charles Brokaw - Fiction, Thriller

Thomas Lourds, the world's foremost scholar of ancient languages, is contacted by an old friend, Dr. Lev Strauss. A long-lost ancient scripture has been discovered that holds the key to one of the world's greatest treasures, hidden under the legendary Temple Mount. The fate of humankind rests in Lourds' hands. But time is not on his side...