Michael Genelin

Michael Genelin is a writer, lawyer and international consultant in government reform. He is also the author of three highly acclaimed novels: THE MAGICIAN'S ACCOMPLICE, DARK DREAMS and THE SIREN OF THE WATERS. He's a graduate of UCLA School of Law and was a deputy district attorney in the LADA's office, prosecuting hundreds of cases. He also supervised the prosecution of all major gang crimes as Head Deputy of the DA's Hardcore Gang Division. Leaving the DA's office, Michael worked as an international consultant in government reform for, among others, the US State Department, Department of Justice and the US Agency for International Development in Slovakia, Palestine, Nepal, South Sudan, Indonesia and Tanzania specializing in such areas as anti-corruption, criminal justice reform, government reorganization, freedom of information, due process, etc. He has also written for the stage, movies and television.

Michael now lives in Paris, France, now focusing on writing novels, all of which have been applauded by the public and critics, including the Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Washington Post, Library Journal (starred reviews), Publishers Weekly, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and others.

Michael Genelin

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by Michael Genelin - Fiction, Mystery

Commander Jana Matinova must push through Slovakia's secretiveness to discover what connects the murder of Klara Boganova to a man run down in Paris, a dead Turk with an icepick in his eye, and an international network of bank accounts linking back to the Second World War.