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FROM PETER: In 1973, I set off with a backpack and my dog Cooper looking for America, searching for adventure and myself, although I didn't know about the "myself" part in the beginning. I lived with and listened to people from every kind of life and learned so much. From that five year walk across America, came two books, A WALK ACROSS AMERICA and THE WALK WEST. To the surprise of me, and the publishing community, both these books went on the NY Times Best sellers list. Many said that inspiring stories about mostly unknown people would not sell. 

"A WALK ACROSS AMERICA" has been a best seller for over twenty years. Since then I have taken other journeys and written other books, some best sellers, some not. My other books have been ACROSS CHINA, CLOSE FRIENDS, ALONG THE EDGE OF AMERICA and the picture book, THE UNTAMED COAST. 

Since I read CALL OF THE WILD by Jack London in the Fifth Grade I have dreamed of exploring ALASKA. Now, I have had my chance, I am so glad I saw much before going to Alaska, to compare and contrast. I think, as do many others, that I have written my best book with "LOOKING FOR ALASKA". My daughter, Rebekah, now 22, came with me and wrote some of it, too. In a recent Kirkus review of this book the reviewer said this, "On an Alaskan high, he is unmatched by Jack London or Robert W. Service, and the result is as persuasive as an avalanche." I cannot think of a greater compliment. If your interested please go to the hyperlinks above on the left, click on one, and read a few of the excerpts I have chosen hoping to give you a taste of "LOOKING FOR ALASKA.

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