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The author of When the Game Stands Tall and the co-author of The Last Putt, Neil Hayes is a former long-time sportswriter/columnist for the Contra Costa Times and Chicago Sun-Times. He also wrote the script for and helped produce the hour-long ESPN documentary 151: The Greatest Streak.  He was on-set consultant and associate producer for the major-motion picture When the Game Stands Tall, which is based on his book. The movie stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis, Laura Dern and Alexander Ludwig and will be released on August, 22, 2014.

Neil Hayes

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As the story opens, the 2002 team, guardians of The Streak, is shaping up to be the most vulnerable in years. How the coaches and the players pull together throughout a difficult and challenging season to ultimately triumph is the thread of the book, with alternating chapters providing historical background on the school, past teams, stand-out players, and the dedicated coaching staff.