Josh Young

Josh Young is a rare writer who not only has written five New York Times bestsellers, two additional Los Angeles Times bestsellers, three books that were made into TV documentaries, and eleven books that have been ranked No. 1 in their Amazon category, but he also has the rare distinction of writing books with and about leading experts in the worlds of Entertainment, Law, Science, Natural History, Sports and Politics. 

He is the co-author of comedian Howie Mandel's HERE'S THE DEAL: DON'T TOUCH ME; of Dr. Sam Parnia's ERASING DEATH: THE SCIENCE THAT IS REWRITING THE BOUNDARIES BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH; and of THE LINK: UNCOVERING OUR OLDEST ANCESTOR with Colin Tudge, which has been translated into five languages. He co-wrote Bob Newhart's comedic memoir I SHOULDN'T EVEN BE DOING THIS. He is also the co-author of YOUR ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR NEXT ONE with movie mogul Mike Medavoy, and of the iconoclastic business book MAKE YOUR OWN RULES: A RENEGADE GUIDE TO UNCONVENTIONAL SUCCESS with entrepreneur/actor Wayne Rogers.

His next book, co-written with Matt Graham, star Discovery Channel's Dual Survival, is EPIC SURVIVAL: EXTREME ADVENTURE, STONE AGE WISDON, AND LESSONS IN LIVING FROM A MODERN HUNTER-GATHERER (June 2015).

Josh is the author of AND GIVE UP SHOWBIZ?: HOW FRED LEVIN BEAT BIG TOBACCO, AVOIDED TWO MURDER PROSECUTIONS, BECAME A CHIEF OF GHANA, EARNED BOXING MANAGER OF THE YEAR, AND TRANSFORMED AMERICAN LAW and of DINO GANGS, the story of renowned paleontologist Phil Currie's quest to uncover the mystery of how dinosaurs behaved. 

Among the other books he co-wrote are Jay Mohr's GASPING FOR AIRTIME: TWO YEARS IN THE TRENCHES OF 'SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE', and Jim Belushi's REAL MEN DON'T APOLOGIZE. He contributed to the No. 1 New York Times best-seller THE RIGHT WORDS AT THE RIGHT TIME, edited by Marlo Thomas. Additionally, he is the co-author of PURE IMAGINATION: THE MAKING OF 'WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY', and of DAVID ATTENBOROUGH'S FIRST LIFE: A JOURNEY BACK IN TIME with Matt Kaplan. 

On the film side, Josh served as Production Consultant on WHITE HOUSE DOWN, directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. 

As a journalist, Josh served as a Contributing Editor at George magazine and a contributing writer to Entertainment Weekly and LIFE magazine. Prior to that, he was the movie writer for Esquire and a contributing writer to the New York Times Sunday Arts & Leisure section. His writing has appeared in numerous other publications, including Talk, The New Republic, Details, The (London) Sunday Telegraph, The Independent (London), and Los Angeles. He started his career in college covering professional tennis for USA Today, Reuters, and The Washington Times

He has appeared on several national and international television programs, including ABC's World News Tonight, NBC's The Today Show, Fox's The O'Reilly Factor, Entertainment Tonight, CNBC's Rivera Live, and the MSNBC Morning Show. He hosted "Screening Room" on The Discovery Times Channel, and had his own segment on EXTRA entitled "The Ultimate Insider to the Movies."

Josh Young

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