Stephen Marche

Stephen Marche is a novelist and culture writer. For the past five years he has written a monthly column for Esquire magazine, “A Thousand Words About Our Culture,” as well as regular features and opinion pieces for The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic and elsewhere. His books include three novels --- THE HUNGER OF THE WOLF, RAYMOND AND HANNAH and SHINING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, as well as a work of nonfiction, HOW SHAKESPEARE CHANGED EVERYTHING. He lives in Toronto with his wife and children.

Stephen Marche

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by Stephen Marche - Fiction

The body in the snow belonged to Ben Wylie, the heir to America’s second-wealthiest business dynasty. Jamie Cabot, the son of the Wylie family’s housekeepers, must figure out how and why Ben died. He knows the answer lies in the tortured history of the Wylie family, who over three generations built up their massive holdings into several billion dollars’ worth of real estate, oil and information systems, despite a terrible family secret they must keep from the world.