Sherri Wood Emmons

Sherri Wood Emmons


Sherri Wood Emmons is a freelance writer and editor. PRAYERS AND LIES is her first work of fiction. She is a graduate of Earlham College and the University of Denver Publishing Institute. A mother of three, she lives in Indiana with her husband, two fat beagles, and four spoiled cats.

Sherri Wood Emmons

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by Sherri Wood Emmons - Fiction, Romance

Although Corrie Philips has an enviable life, she is desperate for a child --- and haunted by the choices in her past. A decade ago, just after college, Corrie’s boyfriend Daniel left town, intent on saving the world even if it meant breaking Corrie’s heart. Now he has returned, and despite her misgivings, Corrie feels drawn to him again. But the emotions that overwhelm her may put her marriage and her secure, stable life at risk.

by Sherri Wood Emmons

Judy Webster’s mother, Cassie, is a beautiful, flawed flower-child. But as Cassie's husband gradually abandons '60s ideals in favor of a steady life, their marriage crumbles. When Cassie moves to an ashram in India, Judy is grief-stricken. And when she returns, Judy must decide what place Cassie claims in her life.