Kelly Simmons

Kelly is a former journalist and creative advertising director who started writing fiction over 15 years ago, while studying creative writing and screenwriting at Temple University and University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her critically acclaimed novels --- STANDING STILL, THE BIRD HOUSE, ONE MORE DAY and THE FIFTH OF JULY --- she is developing a TV series and has been writing a memoir for what seems like her entire life.

She teaches at Drexel University Storylab and is a member of The Liars Club writing mentorship collective, Tall Poppy Writers, and Binders Full of Women Writers.

Kelly Simmons

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by Kelly Simmons - Fiction

Any of the Warners could have been behind a tragic Fourth of July weekend accident. Having spent the past three decades' worth of summers on Nantucket, the Warners are as much a part of the island as the crust of salt on the ferry. But this year is different: Tripp is no longer the father he was, and it becomes clear that nothing can survive the ravages of time. When tradition turns to tragedy, the creaky old house swirls with suspicion. There are just so many reasons to want someone gone. With no easy answers as to how, why or who, the Warners must face another frightening question: Do they really want to know the truth?