Ursula Hegi

Ursula Hegi is the author of THE WORST THING I'VE DONE, SACRED TIME, HOTEL FOR SAINTS, THE VISION OF EMMA BLAU, TEARING FOR SILENCE, SALT DANCERS, STONES FROM THE RIVER, FLOATING IN MY MOTHER'S PALM, UNEARNED PLEASURES AND OTHER STORIES, INTRUSIONS and TRUDI & PIA. She teaches writing at Stonybrook's Southhampton Campus and is the recipient of more than 30 grants and awards.

Ursula Hegi

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by Ursula Hegi - Fiction, Historical Fiction

So much has changed for Thekla Jansen and the people of Burgdorf, Germany, in the year since the parliament building burned. Thekla’s lover is sure the Nazis did it to frame the communists. But Thekla believes that the communists set the fire, and encourages her 10-year-old students to join the “Hitler-Jugend” with its hikes, songs and bonfires.