Bob Ryan

Bob Ryan is one of America’s most respected sports reporters, writers, and columnists. He is the author of many books including FORTY-EIGHT MINUTES: A Night in the Life of the NBA, WAIT TILL I MAKE THE SHOW: Baseball in the Minor Leagues, and THE BOSTON CELTICS: The History, Legends, and Images of america's Most Celebrated Team. He appears regularly on various ESPN shows, and lives in Hingham, Massachusetts. 

Bob Ryan

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By the baseball writers of The New York Times and The Boston Globe , Harvey Araton, Tyler Kepner, Dave Anderson, George Vecsey, Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullan - Nonfiction, Sports

The Yankees vs. the Red Sox. Each baseball season begins and ends with unique intensity, focused on a single question: What's ahead for these two teams? One, the most glamorous, storied, and successful franchise in all of sports; the other, perennially star-crossed but equally rich in baseball history and legend. In THE RIVALS sports writers of The New York Times and The Boston Globe come together in the first-ever collaboration between the two cities' leading newspapers to tell the inside story of the teams' intertwined histories, each from the home team's perspective.