Raelynn Hillhouse

Raelynn Hillhouse has been recruited as a spy by both Libyan and East German intelligence services. (They failed.) A former professor and Fulbright fellow, she's not only faced the barrels of Kalashnikovs, but has also been caught in the crossfire of border guards' snowball fights.

Hillhouse earned her M.A. in Russian and East European studies and her Ph.D. in political science at the University of Michigan. She completed her undergraduate degree in history and German area studies at Washington University in St. Louis. She has published articles about Eastern Europe in major academic journals and has lectured at such prestigious institutions as Harvard, the Smithsonian Institution, Soviet Academy of Sciences, among others. She speaks several languages, including German, French and Russian. She is a member of the Association for Former Intelligence Officers. RIFT ZONE is her first novel.

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Raelynn Hillhouse

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