Haywood Smith

Baby boomer Haywood Smith grew up as one of five children in north Atlanta, Georgia. She has incorporated many of her memories of E. Rivers Elementary, Northside High, and Buckhead into her latest lighthearted tribute to Southern womanhood.

Inspired by Jenny Joseph's free-spirited poem "Warning," Haywood has revisited the "big small town" of her youth in this coming-of-middle-age tribute to the "Jilted Generation"—women who, like her, have emerged victorious through divorce, terrible teens, menopause, the Internet, tennis elbow, spreading waistlines, nothings but tacky clothes in the stores, and countless other modern tribulations.

Haywood Smith is also the bestselling author of Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch.


Haywood Smith

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From the bestselling author of THE RED HAT CLUB comes a story about two unlikely friends who would never have imagined they'd end up married to the same man.