by Karen Robards

After a long week at the office, associate attorney Jessica Ford
is kicking it at home, relaxing in front of the television set and
just taking life easy. Unfortunately, working for senior partner
John Davenport at one of the most illustrious law firms in
Washington, D.C. means being on call 24/7. When she receives a
drunken call from him instructing her to rescue First Lady Annette
Cooper from impending scandal, she hops out of bed, throws on her
clothes and heads out the door knowing that nothing less than
success in her mission is acceptable if she wants to keep her


Upon arriving at a hotel bar to find Mrs. Cooper sans Secret
Service and in a state of emotional distress, Jess tries her best
to coax the First Lady out of the bar and into a waiting car before
anyone realizes who she is. Unfortunately, the wife of the
President is more than a little peeved at her personal attorney for
sending a flunky to do his dirty work and is not exactly
cooperative. Jess breathes a sigh of relief when she manages to
corral the First Lady out of the dimly lit bar and into the black
Lincoln that Jess is sure will drive them to safety. Little does
she know this is one ride that will change her life forever.


When Jess wakes up, she is laying among the evergreens, unable to
move from the chest down. Terror grips her as a man approaches. The
last thing she remembers is being a passenger in the First Lady's
car when it plunged over an embankment and hurtled, end over end,
to finally land in a crumpled mass. Fortunately Jess knows the man.
He is hunky Mark Ryan, the Secret Service agent who accompanies
Mrs. Cooper wherever she goes and who Jess finds overwhelmingly
attractive, even though she could be wallpaper for all the notice
he takes of her. For some reason, he wasn’t with the First
Lady that night. If he had been, things might have turned out


In the hospital, Jess awakens to the news that she is the sole
survivor of the accident that claimed the lives of the three other
passengers in the car, including the First Lady. Fear ensconces her
as she begins to think that the wreck was anything but an accident.
Someone wanted the passengers of that vehicle dead, and they almost
succeeded. When an attempt is made on her life in her hospital
room, Jess knows what no one else believes --- someone important
wants her out of the way. Not knowing who to trust, she sets out on
her own to discover who is behind this horrible mess that has
become her life.


What Jess doesn't realize is exactly how much jeopardy she’s
in. Luckily, Mark does and comes to the rescue. Can she trust him,
or is he one of the evil villains behind this spate of gratuitous
killings that are felling one person after another in Jess's
personal orbit? Finally, Jess has no choice but to trust Mark as
they embark on a run for their lives. With killers close on their
heels, they know that the only way to remain alive is to stay out
of sight until they can get to the bottom of this horrific chain of
events. But that's not easy to do when paid government assassins
are on your trail.


As if fighting for her life isn't enough, Jess is also fighting for
her heart. It doesn't take long to know that she has feelings for
Mark, but what are his feelings for her? Is she a convenient
distraction, or does he care for her in return? Only time will tell
--- and time is the one thing Jess doesn't have.


A word of caution when you pick up PURSUIT: Make sure you're going
to be able to read uninterrupted, because this is one book that
will put your spouse, your children and anyone else who dares
disturb you while you're following Jess and Mark on non-stop
adventure in as much danger as they are. Bestselling author
Karen Robards has created a cast of characters that will tug at
your heartstrings. Jess is vulnerable in a way that would make any
man want to take care of her, and Mark is capable and sexy in a way
that would make women wish he were their own. It's a combination
that makes the reader care about what happens and keep turning
pages as the chapters fly by. This is definitely a book to read in
one sitting.

Reviewed by Amie Taylor on January 23, 2011

by Karen Robards

  • Publication Date: March 24, 2009
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Putnam Adult
  • ISBN-10: 0399155422
  • ISBN-13: 9780399155420