Thomas H. Cook

Thomas H. Cook is the author of nearly two dozen critically lauded crime novels. Born in Fort Payne, Alabama, Cook published his first novel, BLOOD INNOCENTS, in 1980 while serving as the book review editor of Atlanta magazine. Two years later, on the release of his second novel, THE ORCHIDS, he turned to writing full-time. Cook published steadily through the 1980s, penning such works as the Frank Clemons trilogy, a series of mysteries starring a jaded cop. 

He found breakout success with THE CHATHAM SCHOOL AFFAIR (1996), which won an Edgar Award for best novel. His work has been praised by critics for his attention to psychology and the lyrical nature of his prose. Besides mysteries, Cook has written two true-crime books, EARLY GRAVES (1992) and the Edgar-nominated BLOOD ECHOES (1993), as well as several literary novels, including ELENA (1986). He lives and works in New York City.

Thomas H. Cook

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Books by Thomas H. Cook

by Thomas H. Cook - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Samuel Madison always wondered what Sandrine saw in him. On the surface, their relationship and marriage seemed perfectly tranquil. But then one night, Sandrine is found dead in their bed and Samuel is accused of her murder. As the truth about their often tumultuous relationship comes to light, Samuel must face a town and media convinced of his guilt, a daughter whose faith in her father has been shaken to its core, and astonishing revelations about his wife that make him fall in love with her for a second time.

by Thomas H. Cook - Anthology, Mystery

A debut volume of collected short stories from Thomas H. Cook, one of America's most celebrated crime fiction authors. The range of this collection is, itself, astonishing. From a backwoods Appalachian shack during the Depression (Poor People) to a Midwestern college campus in the throes of Sixties revolt (The Sun-Gazer) to a midtown Manhattan bookstore on Christmas Eve, "The Lessons of the Season", this collection demonstrates precisely that, in the words of Michael Connolly, "no one tells a story better than Thomas H. Cook."

by Thomas H. Cook - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

The death of famed true-crime writer Julian Wells is clearly a suicide. But why would Wells have taken his own life? And was this his only crime? These are the questions that first intrigue and then obsess Philip Anders, Wells' best friend. Anders' increasingly passionate and dangerous quest for answers becomes a journey into a haunted life.

by Thomas H. Cook - Mystery

Attorney Henry Griswald has a secret: the truth behind the tragic events the world knew as the Chatham School Affair, the controversial tragedy that destroyed five lives, shattered a quiet community, and forever scarred the young boy. Layer by layer, in The Chatham School Affair, Cook paints a stunning portrait of a woman, a school, and a town in which passionate violence seems impossible...and inevitable. "Thomas Cook's night visions, seen through a lens darkly, are haunting," raved the New York Times Book Review, and The Chatham School Affair will cement this superb writer's position as one of crime fiction's most prodigious talents, a master of the unexpected ending.