Nick Tosches

Nick Tosches is uniquely acquainted with the half-lit New York world in which this novel is set. He is the author of the novels IN THE HANDS OF DANTE, CUT NUMBERS and TRINITIES. His nonfiction works include WHERE DEAD VOICES GATHER, THE DEVIL AND SONNY LISTON, DINO, POWER ON EARTH, HELLFIRE, COUNTRY and UNSUNG HEROES OF ROCK 'N' ROLL. He lives in New York City.

Nick Tosches

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by Nick Tosches - Fiction

One night, an aging writer named Nick meets a tantalizing young woman at a bar, and the night that follows is the most extraordinary of his life. Propelled by uncontrollable, primordial desires, he tastes human blood for the first time and is filled with a sexual and spiritual ecstasy. His revival quickly fades, and soon Nick is yearning for another taste of the elusive rapture. There follows a descent into madness and unimaginable hell, and a pursuit of otherworldly revelation.