Finding Fish: A Memoir

by Antwone Quenton Fisher

In the 1950s, Cleveland Ohio was a proud place that was a brand
name city, a family city, a ball city, and a city that was filled
with the entertainment of jazz music, gospel music, doo-wop music,
blues music, and the music of the symphony. It was already a big
city at this time, and it was on the way to becoming the fifth
largest city in America. There were thrift stores, barber shops,
record shops, clothing, shoe, and liquor stores. It seemed like a
happy city to a lot of people, but living in Cleveland wasn't easy
because the temperament, weather, and work were harsh to a lot of

Baby Boy Fisher was raised in institutions ever since his birth in
prison to a single mother. After a while, she decides she doesn't
show any interest in caring for him anymore, and she starts looking
for foster homes for her son to live in. Baby Boy Fisher goes to
live with the Pickett family in Glenville Ohio, and that's when his
terrible new life begins.

When he comes to live with the Pickett family, he starts to
experience constant physical abuse from Mrs. Pickett and Mr.
Pickett because of things that he is accused of doing but didn't
really do. Fisher gets to see his mother sometimes, and his
caseworkers always make observations between the two of them.
Fisher and Dwight, his foster brother, don't get along well at all
at first and they get into a lot of fights. Fisher's caseworkers
give suggestions to Mrs. Pickett on how to handle Fisher and his
behavior, but she doesn't try them and she constantly misses her
appointments with them. After a while, Mrs. Pickett sends Fisher
back to the child welfare building because she's tired of his
negative behavior. Fisher's journey for a place to live

He goes to live in George Junior Republic, an all male reform
school. While there, he gets schooling from teachers and begins to
develop social skills with his other classmates. He also decides he
wants to be an artist or photographer. When he turns 19, he enlists
in the navy. Want to know what happens to him while he's in the
navy, and after he gets out of the navy? Read this book to find

I liked this book because it inspired me by thinking about how
Antwone handled with and put up with physical abuse all of those
years. If I would have been Antwone, I would have tried to run away
from the home, and I would have told somebody that she was abusing
me, because you need to tell someone if you are being abused by
someone else, that way the person won't do it to another innocent
person ever again.

Reviewed by Ashley, Reading Diva on January 21, 2011

Finding Fish: A Memoir
by Antwone Quenton Fisher

  • Publication Date: December 1, 2001
  • Genres: Nonfiction
  • Paperback: 339 pages
  • Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
  • ISBN-10: 0060007788
  • ISBN-13: 9780060007782