Margaret Hawkins

Margaret Hawkins is the author of two previous novels, A YEAR OF CATS AND DOGS and HOW TO SURVIVE A NATURAL DISASTER, and a memoir about her sister, AFTER SCHIZOPHRENIA: The Story of My Sister’s Reawakening. She also writes for the Chicago Sun-Times and teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Margaret Hawkins

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by Margaret Hawkins - Fiction

Lydia is having a party, one that she has hosted every year for six female friends who treasure the midwinter bash. As this particular evening unfolds, Lydia prepares to make a shattering announcement. As we follow these friends through their party preparations, we meet flawed but lovable characters who are navigating the hassles of daily chores while also meditating in stolen moments on their lives, regrets, complicated relationships and deepest desires.