Allison and Matt Robicelli

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Allison and Matt Robicelli co-own the acclaimed wholesale bakery Robicelli’s. Matt was a FDNY paramedic before sustaining injury in 9/11. He then graduated from the French Culinary Institute with honors and has served as executive pastry chef at numerous top restaurants, including Lutèce. A former caterer, line cook and pastry chef, Allison is also a humorist whose writing has appeared on Nona Brookyn, Eater, Brokelyn and Medium, as well as on the official blog. They both still reside in the neighborhood where they grew up --- Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Allison and Matt Robicelli

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by Allison and Matt Robicelli - Cookbooks, Food, Nonfiction

ROBICELLI’S, written by popular bloggers Allison and Matt Robicelli, shares unbelievably delicious recipes for decidedly grown-up cupcakes (Chicken ‘n’ Waffles! Fruitcake! Apple Maple Crisp!) alongside edgy, sometimes crass, and unapologetically hilarious stories about the Robicelli’s courtship, their life in Brooklyn, and how they survived working together and falling on hard times. It's a baking book like you've never seen before!