Madeline Valentine

Madeline Valentine is an illustrator from Brooklyn, New York. Painting and drawing has been her favorite thing to do since she was a very tiny kid. In 2007, she received a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute.

Madeline Valentine

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Books by Madeline Valentine

Written by Linda Urban with illustrations by Madeline Valentine - Family Life, Fiction
by Madeline Valentine - Children's, Fiction

When Ben's sister, Alice and her doll try to join Ben's games, Ben says, "No dolls allowed. This is a robot game." That's why Alice asks for a robot for her birthday. Not just any robot. The exact robot Ben has been wanting forever! Ben is very, very jealous. He wants that robot. Now. Maybe he could sneak it out of its wrapping during Alice's birthday party and play with it for awhile. Nobody will know. Right? But Ben's bad idea goes very wrong and he feels terrible. Now it's up to him to show Alice that a sister is more important than even the best robot toy in the world.