David L. Dudley

David L. Dudley spent 10 years as a parish pastor in the Lutheran Church before turning to university teaching. He is currently Chair of the Department of Literature and Philosophy at Georgia Southern University, where he teaches African American literature. He has also taught prison extension courses. His published work includes numerous articles and essays as well as fiction for young readers. Dr. Dudley lives in Twin City, Georgia, with his wife.

David L. Dudley

Books by David L. Dudley

by David L. Dudley - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult 14+

Thirteen-year-old Cy Williams has always known that he and the other black folks on Strong's plantation have to obey white men, even though he's free. Almost four years later, Cy yearns for that freedom, such as it was. Now he's a chain gang laborer, forced to do backbreaking work, penned in and shackled like an animal, brutalized, beaten and humiliated by the boss of the camp and his hired overseers. Cy is sure that a chance at freedom is worth any risk, any sacrifice.