C.J. Howell

C.J. Howell began writing on cocktail napkins and spiral notebooks in the bars where he worked long before Macbook Pros and Twitter updates. THE LAST OF THE SMOKING BARTENDERS was written just that way through the birth of his two children, the death of a good dog, and a law degree. He lives and writes in Arizona.

C.J. Howell

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by C.J. Howell - Fiction, Humor, Suspense, Thriller

Tom believes he is a secret agent deep undercover racing to stop terrorists from blowing up the Hoover Dam. Aided by a homeless raft guide and a band of meth-dealing Navajos, he hunts down a terrorist network one Molotov cocktail at a time. But is it all a delusion? Chased by a beautiful but damaged FBI agent and a crossbow-wielding psychopath, Tom must stay one step ahead of his pursuers and save the country he loves, all on less than a dollar a day.