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The Queen of the Tearling

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The Queen of the Tearling

On her 19th birthday, Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn sets out on a perilous journey back to the castle of her birth to ascend her rightful throne. Around her neck hangs the Tearling sapphire, a jewel of immense magical power; and accompanying her is the Queen’s Guard, a cadre of brave knights led by the enigmatic and dedicated Lazarus. Kelsea will need them all to survive a cabal of enemies who will use every weapon to prevent her from wearing the crown.

The Queen of the Tearling
by Erika Johansen

  • Publication Date: April 14, 2015
  • Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction
  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
  • ISBN-10: 006229038X
  • ISBN-13: 9780062290380