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The New Neighbor

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The New Neighbor

Ninety-year-old Margaret Riley is content hiding from the world. She rarely leaves her Tennessee home, finding comfort in the mystery novels that keep her company. Her new neighbor, Jennifer Young, is also looking to hide. On the run from her old life, she and her young son have moved to a quiet town where no one from her past can find her. In Jennifer, Margaret sees a potential companion for her loneliness and a mystery to be solved. But when Jennifer refuses to befriend her, Margaret crosses more and more boundaries in pursuit of the truth, threatening to unravel the life Jennifer has so painstakingly created --- and reveal some secrets of her own.

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The New Neighbor
by Leah Stewart


Audra from Boulder, CO
Connie from Brookville, OH
Donald from Deerfield, IL
Jamille from Branchburg, NJ
Mandie from Brownwood, TX
Marge from Philadelphia, PA
Susan from Scituate, MA
Theresa from New Castle, PA
Tia from Bridgeport, CT
Vicki from Dallas, TX