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Celebrating 17 Years --- We Want to Hear from YOU!

Special Feature

Celebrating 17 Years --- We Want to Hear from YOU!

On August 27th, it will be 17 years since first launched back in 1996. At that time, we were online pioneers! Our original concept --- which we still follow today --- was to have a place online where readers could discover new books --- and learn more about the authors behind them. We were tired of the bios on the back flaps of books, which had such limited information about the authors. We wanted to know why they wrote their work --- and what inspired them.

At the same time, we wanted to select the books we planned to share. is not about every book; it’s about a carefully honed group of titles that we want readers to experience. Counting up the titles, we’ve reviewed more than 13,000 to date. And that does not include the books featured on Coming Soon or New in Paperback or any of the other various roundups and contest features.

Anniversaries are times for all kinds of memories, and we would like to hear yours. Drop me a note at with the subject line “ Anniversary.” We would love to know how you found us, when you found us, books and authors you discovered here, or anything else you would like to share!  

By the way, I checked to see what an appropriate gift is for a 17th anniversary. There is no traditional one listed, but there is a modern one --- furniture. I guess I should buy the office some more bookshelves. That would be perfect. I think there’s an empty wall in my office!

Thanks for reading…and onward to the 18th year….and the 19th….and oh so many more!