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Books Mom Will Love 2012

Mother's Day

Books Mom Will Love 2012

Mother's Day is a time to recognize the woman who raised and nurtured us. Why not brighten her special day with some great books? May 13th is just around the corner, so we encourage you to take a look at our recommended titles below. With books that are moving, uplifting, humorous and informative, look no further than for the perfect gift for Mom.


  • Florence from Medford, NJ: Snow White
  • Jessica from Mission Viejo, CA: Go Dog Go by Dr. Seuss. I now read it to my boys today!
  • Robert from Los Banos, CA: The Little Engine That Could
  • Shawn from Doylestown, PA: I Am a Bunny
  • Tara from Burtonsville, MD: Any of the E.B White books or Where the Red Fern Grows. She was introduced to the Jim Trelease reading lists and off we went
Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama by Alison Bechdel - Graphic Novel

In her highly anticipated follow-up to FUN HOME, bestselling author Alison Bechdel searches for the meaning of motherhood in her own life, not only from her actual mother but also from therapists, lovers, writers, and more. ARE YOU MY MOTHER? is a poignant, compelling and utterly fascinating journey from one of the most profound graphic creators of our era.

Grace by T. Greenwood - Fiction

Thirteen-year-old Trevor Kennedy has endured bullying at school for as long as he can remember. But where Trevor once silently tolerated the jabs and name-calling, now anger surges through him in ways he's powerless to control. Only Crystal, a store clerk dealing with her own loss, sees the deep fissures in the Kennedy family --- in the haunting photographs Trevor brings to be developed.

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh - Fiction

A mesmerizing, moving and elegantly written debut novel, THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS beautifully weaves past and present, creating a vivid portrait of an unforgettable woman whose gift for flowers helps her change the lives of others even as she struggles to overcome her own troubled past.

Lost and Found: One Woman's Story of Losing Her Money and Finding Her Life by Geneen Roth - Self-Help

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Women Food and God maps a path to meeting one of our greatest challenges—how we deal with money.

A Natural Woman: A Memoir by Carole King - Memoir

A NATURAL WOMAN chronicles Carole King's extraordinary life, drawing readers into her musical world, including her phenomenally successful #1 album Tapestry, and into her journey as a performer, mother, wife and present-day activist.

Next to Love by Ellen Feldman - Historical Fiction


In Next to Love by Ellen Feldman, three young women --- Babe, Millie and Grace --- who live in a small town in Massachusetts all send the men they love off to fight in World War II. Not everyone returns, and those who do are profoundly changed, reminding us that the scars of war run deeper than the day that victory is won. This character-rich story begins before the men head out and continues right through the early ’60s.

Think by Lisa Bloom - Nonfiction, Inspirational

In this provocative, entertaining, educational and thoroughly-researched book, Lisa Bloom outlines the ways that we as a society, and particularly women, have fallen off the intellectual path, and illuminates specific steps to reclaiming our brains, regaining focus, and taking charge of our lives.

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown - Fiction

Three sisters have returned to their childhood home, where books are a way of life. They struggle to communicate with one another, and now, faced with their parents' frailty and their own disappointments, not even a book can solve what ails them.