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The Wife Between Us Bets On...

The Wife Between Us

January 2018

Marriage. There’s a line that one can never know what happens in a marriage. It’s between two people. That’s maybe not quite so in THE WIFE BETWEEN US. Here we have a marriage that unraveled, a marriage that’s about to get started, and a twist I did not see coming.

Vanessa is the ex-wife, who is still licking battle wounds from her divorce. Richard had been her world; he doted on her, gave her everything and sheltered her --- until the day he found another woman. She has learned that he is going to marry again, and she is determined that the marriage to Emma will not happen. What does Vanessa know that she wants to shield Emma from? What lengths will she go to ensure that her plan is a success? And why did Richard and Vanessa’s marriage end?

There are edge-of-your seat moments, twists and plotting done by two accomplished writers. While this is Greer Hendricks’ first book as a writer, she was Sarah Pekkanen’s editor for years, so they had spent time together working storylines for Sarah’s books. They wrote THE WIFE BETWEEN US in different places, logging on and working via a shared document each day. Together they tossed around ideas, plot points, characters and twists. There are lots of the latter. I would have loved to watch them hatching their ideas and ramping them up. Oh, and for those who are wondering if this partnership was a one-time deal, know that they are working on another book together now.

The Wife Between Us
by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen