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A Stranger in the House Bets On...

A Stranger in the House

August 2017

I enjoyed Shari Lapena’s A STRANGER IN THE HOUSE as much as her mega-hit from last year, THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR. It’s the kind of book where my head was swiveling while I was reading as the plot twisted one way and the next. I love swift plot changes, as they keep me reading! Shari also has a very distinctive voice and style after just two books. Just reading the opening paragraphs, I knew she was the writer.

One evening, Tom comes home to find his house unlocked and his wife gone. Where is Karen? Her phone and purse are there. Where is she? Tom learns she’s been in a car accident, which would be tough enough, but it soon escalates into a murder investigation. Karen has no memory of the evening. So who really is Karen? Enter their neighbor across the street, Brigid, who is at the ready to help her to remember. But can we trust Brigid? By this point, everyone looks like they can share the blame.

On the case is Detective Rasbach from THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR --- and his return was quite welcome. There is something nice when a book is not a series and a familiar character pops back up. I wanted to say, “Wait, I know you!”

If you are looking for a strong thriller from an author who clearly has writing chops and great style, grab this one now!

A Stranger in the House
by Shari Lapena