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Fall/Winter Cookbooks 2014

Cooking is a year-round hobby for many of us at The Book Report Network...we can ataste to our kitchen skills. We eat peaches every which way in the summer and whip up everything pumpkin during the fall --- any time is perfect for sharing delectable homemade creations with friends and family...and hungry co-workers. That's why we are presenting a staff-curated collection of the 20 best cookbooks from the latest season. We looked through some of these books in person, and trust us completely when we say that there truly is a recipe for every kind of at-home cook amongst these culinary gems. From the Italian stallion staple, Mario Batali, to cookbook newcomer Gabrielle Hamilton of PRUNE, these photo-riddled, food pornographic tomes are the essential gifts for every foodie looking for his/her new fave dish.

Whether you're an aspiring novice learning new tricks of the trade, a foodagram junkie or a professional chef, we have you covered (like a pot of boiling water). We don't guarantee that your final product will taste and/or look as good as intended, but burning, ruining and mismeasuring is all a part of the fun of cooking, right? We do guarantee that you'll love the inspiration, and that your kitchen will probably smell perpetually amazing. So from one hopeful cook to another, bring your butter to room temperature, mix your eggs in a separate bowl, and prepare yourself for a whole lot of adoration from those whose bellies you will be satisfying.

Curated by The Book Report Network