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August 14, 2020

Your Favorite Book Podcasts

Posted by tom

In the July 31st Weekly Update newsletter, we asked you to share your favorite book-themed podcasts with us. We received so many great recommendations that we have pulled your ideas together into a blog. Thank you for all of your suggestions!


Mary Lou: Besides your podcast, I listen to “What Should I Read Next?” and sometimes I catch “The Librarian Is In”.

Elizabeth: I listen to the New York Times Book Review podcast every week. It is excellent! Pamela Paul talks to two authors who have new books coming out, interviews someone on the latest news in the publishing world, and brings in a rotating cast of New York Times book critics to discuss what they’re reading that week. I’ve added many books to my “want to read” list on Goodreads based on that podcast.

Margie: I listen weekly to Modern Mrs Darcy’s podcast, “What Should I Read Next?” Although I am always compiling my own TBR list (I won't get to all of the books on the list in my lifetime!) using various online sources, I often add to it with Anne Bogel's suggestions.

Barbara: I am a quilter and lately have been into your author interviews while hand binding my quilts. It is harder to listen when I am piecing as there is the competing noise of my sewing machine, and I really need to pay attention to what I am doing. While binding, I can just sit back and relax to sew and listen, and the time just flies by.

Kim: Love, love, love listening to book podcasts! I listen to Anne Bogel’s “What Should I Read Next?” “All the Books”, “Currently Reading”, “Sarah’s Bookshelves”, “Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club”, “Overdue”, “Get Booked” and, of course, “Bookreporter Talks To”!

Suzanne: Every week I look forward to "What Should I Read Next?" from Anne Bogel and "The Book Review" from the New York Times. A slightly different book-related podcast is "Phoebe Reads a Mystery" from Phoebe Judge, who reads about a chapter a day from a classic. I look forward to what podcasts others recommend. It's what I do while I'm knitting!

Nancy: Besides your “Bookreporter Talks To”, which is excellent, I listen to “BBC World Book Club”, “Professional Book Nerds” and “What Should I Read Next?”

Barbara: I have been listening to book podcasts for five years. I have listened to so many that I do not subscribe to, because they seem to be very young and talk about topics that I am not interested in. I must say your podcast is my favorite. I like to listen to “Author Stories”, “Book Cougars” and “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books”. Occasionally, I’ll listen to “From the Front Porch” and “What Should I Read Next?”