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December 16, 2015

Camilla Läckberg on the Thrill of the Holidays

Posted by emily

Camilla Läckberg is on a roll. Her taut thrillers are can’t-miss reading; each one is a #1 bestseller in her native Sweden and internationally acclaimed. She wasn’t always an author, though; she worked as an economist in Stockholm until a creative writing course triggered a career change. Camilla may not have started writing until later in her life, but --- as she explains here --- her love of a great story was fostered by her father very early on. Christmas is a time for family and peace, and --- most especially, if you’re anything like Camilla --- uninterrupted true crime reading. Her most recent book, THE DROWNING, released in September.

Christmas has always had a special place in my heart. Whenever there was a holiday coming up, I knew I would be able to spend lots of time with my family, friends and loved ones. I knew there would be great food and time to rest from school or, in later years, from a hard work schedule. 

But Christmas has always been something more than just a holiday. When I was younger, being a true crime fiction nerd, it was the perfect time to curl up with one of Agatha Christie’s masterpieces and disappear into the investigations of Poirot or follow Miss Marple on the hunt for a new murderer. I would spend most of the holidays engulfed in strange and exciting stories that took me around the world on mysterious adventures. And there were no algebra or vocabulary tests to interrupt.

Reading and books have always had a central part in my life ever since my dad introduced me to the world of literature when I was very small. When I think back on Christmas holidays that have passed, I see my dad with his nose in a book while simultaneously trying to put together Christmas for the family. Not an easy task! I’m so grateful that my dad encouraged me to read. It is a gift that has shaped the person I have become and the career path I ended up taking.

As the holidays are approaching, I will wrap some great novels to my own kids, hoping that I will be able to pass on my unconditional love for books. Giving a book is simply one of the greatest gifts you can give, as they give the receiver a chance to learn, escape and be captured by a great story.