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December 7, 2014

Phillip Margolin: My Most Memorable Book Gift

Posted by emily

Phillip Margolin is an award-winning author and former criminal defense attorney, who has written numerous bestselling novels that display a unique, compelling insider's view of criminal behavior. His most recent novel, WOMAN WITH A GUN (which our reviewer gave a rave review), is about aspiring novelist Stacey Kim, who can't erase an iconic photo from her mind and soon becomes embroiled in a plot of great intrigue. Here, Phillip reveals that he isn’t the only person in his family who loves a great mystery, and how one well-chosen book can change a person’s life.

When my brother Jerry was 10 years old, I gave him a gift of THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES because I thought he would enjoy reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales of mystery as much as I had. Little did I suspect the consequences of that action. Over the years, Jerry became an avid collector of anything connected to Holmes, whether it was a first edition of a Strand Magazine featuring a Holmes story or a matchbook with an ad featuring Holmes on the cover. When he got older, Jerry was invited to join the Baker Street Irregulars, the world’s most prestigious club devoted to the great detective, and today he owns a collection of approximately 2,000 works of illustrations, paintings and comic art with a Holmes theme. Some of the comic art was drawn specially for him by John Romita Sr. (SPIDERMAN), Dr. Seuss and Gahan Wilson. That set of Holmes stories was truly a gift that kept on giving.