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October 31, 2005

Time Time Time...See What's Become of Me....

Posted by admin

The clocks changed today. This is one of my favorite days of the year. I get a whole extra hour to spend, which has 60 minutes...and I have 60 different ways to spend this time.

Each year on the days we switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time and vice versa, I ponder the following: What happens to planes flying at 2AM? Do they land earlier this ONE day? Also, if someone is the overnight disc jockey, what do THEY do? Work one less hour now and one more in the spring? But what if you quit over the winter? Do they owe an hour? On television what happens to this hour of programming? Does it vanish? What happens in the spring?

I also ponder life at the edge of a time zone. Do people across the street from each other live in a different zone? What's it like to live in an area where life around the corner is an hour behind, or ahead? If any of you live in an area like this...let me know.

Has anyone ever seen switching time in April or October as the subject of a book? Has it factored into a murder mystery or a thriller? My inquiring mind wants to know. I just used up 10 minutes of my extra hour writing this, so if you have an answer, please respond.

And now I am off to spend my other 50 minutes! BTW this summer I read that that Congress passed a bill that extends Daylight Savings Time to start on the second Sunday in March, and extend it by one week to the first Sunday in November. This means the following...I will drag myself out of bed one extra week in the fall, but we will trick or treat in one extra hour of daylight. But then again, wait. Isn't it a lot more cool trick or treating in the dark?