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Tom Grace


Tom Grace

Tom Grace was born, raised, and presently resides in Southeastern Michigan. He studied architecture at the University of Michigan, earning two degrees in the field. In just over twenty years of practice, Grace has worked on projects ranging from modest home renovations to major urban designs for Chicago and London. Much of his work has involved scientific and engineering research facilities, cutting-edge technologies that invariable find their way into his novels.

Grace credits his second career as a writer in equal parts to a voracious appetite for books, an overactive imagination, and a compulsive desire to set challenging long-term goals for himself. He wrote the first draft of his debut novel over a year’s worth of lunch hours. SPYDER WEB was published in 1999, and his writing earned favorable comparisons to Ian Fleming and Clive Cussler. Grace’s hero, Nolan Kilkenny, returned in QUANTUM (2000), TWISTED WEB (2003), BIRD OF PREY (2004), and THE SECRET CARDINAL (2007).

In addition to intricately woven plots and break-neck pacing, Grace’s novels are infused with technology that is either state-of-the-art or just over the horizon. His scenarios often seem eerily prescient, so much so that BIRD OF PREY was cited in a National Security Briefing on the Chinese space program and space-based weaponry.
As both an author and architect, Grace lives by Mies van der Rohe’s famous aphorism: God is in the details. Painstaking research underpins each of his novels, creating the factual foundations that support the stories.

Tom Grace resides in Michigan with his wife, five children and a yellow Labrador in a modernist home of his own design.

Tom Grace

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