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Rebecca Dana


Rebecca Dana

Rebecca Dana is a writer and journalist in New York. She is a former senior correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, where she wrote the weekly “Social Diaries” magazine column and reported on fashion, culture and entertainment. She has been a featured commentator on such shows as the "Today Show," "The Joy Behar Show," "Inside Edition," "Access Hollywood," and NPR’s “On the Media” and “Fair Game with Faith Salie.” She has made numerous appearances on MSNBC and CNN.

Before joining The Daily Beast, Dana was a staff writer for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Observer. She has also been published in: Rolling Stone Magazine, Vanity Fair Italia, Slate, Men’s Vogue, The Washington Post, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Men’s Journal and The New York Times. She attended Yale, where she was the editor in chief of the Yale Daily News. She lives in Manhattan with her husband.

Rebecca Dana

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by Rebecca Dana - Nonfiction

For Rebecca Dana, Truman Capote and Nora Ephron were her gods and New York City was her Jerusalem. After graduating from college, she moves to New York and all of her dreams come true. However, when they come crashing down around her, she finds herself living in Brooklyn's Lubavitch community with Cosmo, a 30-year-old Russian rabbi who practices jujitsu on the side. Both disenchanted with their religions, they go searching for meaning.