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Neal Bascomb


Neal Bascomb

Neal Bascomb is the New York Times bestselling author of THE WINTER FORTRESS, HUNTING EICHMANN, THE PERFECT MILE and HIGHER, among others. His books have won several national awards and been published in over 20 countries. A former international journalist, he is a widely recognized speaker on the subject of World War II. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

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Books by Neal Bascomb

by Neal Bascomb - History, Nonfiction

It’s 1942, and the Nazis are racing to be the first to build a weapon unlike any known before. All their plans depend on amassing a single ingredient: heavy water, which is produced in Norway’s Vemork, the lone plant in all the world that makes this rare substance. Under threat of death, Vemork’s engineers push production into overdrive. For the Allies, the plant must be destroyed. But how would they reach the castle fortress set on a precipitous gorge in one of the coldest, most inhospitable places on Earth?