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Marwa al-Sabouni


Marwa al-Sabouni

Marwa al-Sabouni has a Ph.D. in Islamic architecture and runs a private architectural studio in Homs, Syria. She has published several articles in periodicals such as the RIBA Journal, Architectural Review, Wall Street International, CityCity Magazine and Architects + Artisans. She is also co-owner of the award winning, the first and only media site dedicated to architectural news in Arabic. Since writing THE BATTLE FOR HOME, she has been featured on BBC, NPR and in The New York Times, and her TED Talk has garnered more than 850,000 views.

Books by Marwa al-Sabouni

by Marwa al-Sabouni - Cultural Studies, Current Affairs, Memoir, Nonfiction

From Syria’s tolerant past, with churches and mosques built alongside one another in Old Homs and members of different religions living harmoniously together, THE BATTLE FOR HOME chronicles the recent breakdown of social cohesion in Syria’s cities. With the lack of shared public spaces intensifying divisions within the community, and corrupt officials interfering in town planning for their own gain, these actions are symptomatic of wider abuses of power.