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Laurie Short


Laurie Short

Laurie Short is a speaker, author, and associate pastor of Ocean Hills Covenant Church ( She speaks at conferences, colleges, churches and denominational events around the country, and has spoken to over 500,000 people in the last 20 years. Recently she’s been thrilled to add to her bio “wife” and “mom.”

Laurie is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, and the author of several youth ministry books. Last year, she signed a two book contract geared toward a wider audience, and her first title, FINDING FAITH IN THE DARK, was released by Zondervan in August 2014. Highlighting Laurie's story as well as other stories, the book reveals how we can find God in dark times; and how our response to our circumstances can make a difference in the way our story unfolds.

Laurie’s husband Jere, and step son Jordan, are evidence of God’s sweet grace in her life. She and her family have three other children they sponsor through Compassion International and Covenant Kids Congo, and have led mission trips to Haiti and Nicaragua, two areas of the world they continue to serve and support.

Laurie Short

Books by Laurie Short

by Laurie Short - Christian, Nonfiction

Can we trust a God who gives us different answers than we pray for? Who only fully reveals himself when we look back? Who lets us walk in darkness for months (and sometimes years) at a time? In FINDING FAITH IN THE DARK, Laurie Short says yes, and through her story and the stories of others, she reveals a God who is able to transform the dark chapters of our lives into opportunities of grace.